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About Us

CycleTRaX is an intimate fitness studio which specializes in Indoor Cycling and TRX Circuit Training. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and customer service in a very friendly environment.  Using the most advance cycling bikes in the industry, combined with the TRX Suspension Training System, we offer the most complete training studio in the San Fernando Valley. 


CycleTRaX is owned by Michael Shenkman and Nadine Wolf. Michael has over 25 years in the fitness business as a personal trainer and gym owner. He has owned and operated Trident Fitness, a personal training gym in West Los Angeles for 16 years. Nadine has worked in the business/law field environment and is a fitness enthusiast. 

Together, with their passion for fitness, CycleTRaX has developed from a mere thought to a reality.



Keiser M3+

Introducing the Keiser M3

The CycleTRaX cycling classes will be taught using the Keiser M3, the award winning third generation indoor cycle. Each Keiser M3 has adjustable Shimano ™ combo pedals that accommodate Look ™ compatible and SPD cleats in addition to athletic shoes. These state of the art bikes are equipped with built-in computers with measure RPM, power output and elapsed time. The bikes are geared with electronic shifters which ensure that every bike has identical resistance each and every ride. Using the feedback generated during your ride you will be able to measure your fitness progress from class to class.



Cycling Classes

Our cycling class is a 50 minute ride that provides a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels.  Riders will enhance their speed, strength and stamina which will improve overall physical health and increase caloric burn.  Instructors will lead riders on a safe and effective ride using music to set tempo and cadence on the bikes.  Flat roads, hill climbs, sprints and jumps will be incorporated, keeping riders lively on and off their saddles!


TRX Circuit Training

Each TRX class utilizes the TRX Suspension system in combination with resistance tubing, battle ropes, kettle bells, SandBells and body bars. Every class will be designed for all ages and fitness levels to help sculpt your muscles, build strength and flexibility.


What is TRX?

The TRX is an adjustable strap suspension system that allows you to perform hundreds of exercises to build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.